HUMPHRYS ROBERTS ASSOCIATES is a freelance representation company established over 35 years ago, looking after the interests of publishers from the UK, USA and Europe in the Iberian Peninsula, Mexico, Central America and the English-speaking Caribbean. We have offices in London, Spain and Mexico.


Our aim from the beginning was, and always will be, to offer the most comprehensive representation we can, where possible by having a local presence in the market. We currently have an office in Spain from where Chris Humphrys manages the market for Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar, an office in Mexico from where Arturo Gutierrez manages the markets of Mexico and Central America and an office in London from where Lynda Hopkins manages our sales to the Caribbean.

In the time HUMPHRYS ROBERTS ASSOCIATES have been representing publishers we have acquired considerable experience in all sectors of the market - selling Scientific, Technical and Academic titles as well as trade books in all areas from art, architecture, photography, design and fashion through to children's books and mass-market paperbacks.

We would be delighted to talk to you in detail about our representation services. Please email Chris Humphrys or call + 34 952 151462.



Simply because our knowledge and coverage of the market in which we work is second to none - knowledge acquired over 35 years. There is no substitute for a local presence and local knowledge. Chris Humphrys, one of the founding partners of HRA, lives in Spain, speaks fluent Spanish and offers exhaustive coverage of the important Iberian market as only a locally-based representative can. He is able to be in the major centres of the market as often as is necessary in order to make sure that booksellers, distributors, museums and various non-traditional outlets with which HRA deals have everything that they need in order to help them with their sales efforts on behalf of our client publishers. Living in the market also means he is able to keep up to date with changes and new trends in the market, as well as new opportunities, including publishing opportunities. We will propose titles - indeed a number of those that we have suggested have now become important backlist titles for one of our major publishers.



From the early 1980s when Chris Humphrys started HRA we have offered representation in this important market and have looked after the sales of many of the most important publishers from both the UK and the USA - such as Penguin UK, Dorling Kindersley, Hachette UK, Simon & Shuster USA, Simon & Shuster UK, Harper Collins USA, Abrams and more...

As well as working with the book trade throughout the region, we are instrumental in helping some of the Public Library systems in the islands with their book purchasing requirements by underwriting annual book-buying visits for their librarians to the UK. This HRA initiative has, over many years,  resulted in regular and significant additional business for those participating publishers. 

With regular visits to the region by both Chris Humphrys and Lynda Hopkins, together with our market knowledge acquired over more than thirty years, we are able to offer the most thorough coverage of any representation group.


We opened an office in Mexico City in 1983 and, ever since then have had a continuous presence in the market. Our office is currently under the management of Arturo Gutierrez and his very considerable local knowledge means that we are able to actively promote and generate considerable sales both for our US and UK publishers in what is potentially a large, if somewhat complex market and one that is all too often very easily dismissed, particularly by UK publishers.


We also attend the increasingly important Guadalajara International Book Fair and endeavour to make sure that those of our publishers who wish to exhibit at the Fair are able to do so, usually in conjunction with one of our bookseller colleagues. The Fair is open to the public and consequently is a perfect shop window as well as being a very important selling fair.



HUMPHRYS ROBERTS ASSOCIATES are unusual in that we do not carry a large portfolio of publishers. We believe that with a medium-sized and well-balanced portfolio of publishers we are able to devote as much time and energy as each list actually needs and not simply what time we can afford.


Please email Chris Humphrys for details of our publishers' catalogues.



For all enquiries relating to representation for Spain and Portugal as well as Mexico and Central America, please contact:


TEL + 34 952 151462 |  MOB + 34 692 57642


For all enquiries relating to representation in the Caribbean, please contact:


TEL + 44 (0) 208 530 5028 | MOB + 44  (0) 7834 030134


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